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Article: Bold and Beautiful Star - Capricorn Season

Bold and Beautiful Star - Capricorn Season

Bold and Beautiful Star - Capricorn Season

Welcome Capricorn Season December 21 – January 19

Happy birthday and solar return to All Capricorns out there, this is Your time of the Year!

Capricorn Season is here and will help every zodiac sign to round up the year by bringing your best self to life!   

At the time for Winter Solstice 21/12, and the darkest day of the year, the Sun enters beloved cardinal Earth-sign Capricorn. This year the Capricorn season is all about having fun, socialize, set solid plans, and commit to your endeavours.

The overall spirit of the Capricorn season is bold, ambitious, disciplined, goal-seeking and traditional. Ruled by our planet responsibility, discipline, structure, Saturn, Capricorn is the zodiacs mature, realistic and strong-headed character getting things done. As Capricorn also being the natural ruler of the 10th house, governing career, public reputation and professional aspirations, this season also gives us a push to climb that career latter. Reminding you to suite up, grow up, set your New Year’s resolutions, and put those plans for 2024 in motion!

When the Full Moon (Cold Moon) enters Cancer 26/12, it is a good time to support your dreams and bring family and loved ones nearer, right on time for The Boxing Day. The full moon can also push up some emotional turbulence as well as nostalgic memories to surface and you might look out for communications misunderstandings, and travel issues, due to Mercury that retrogrades in Capricorn until January 1st! But just relax, you got this, and at the time when New Year’s Eve arrives, it is time to make it Epic, leave 2023 behind with a BANG and dancing into 2024 like the bold and beautiful star you are!

Write then up 11/1 in your calendar: The New Moon entering Capricorn as well as the new year’s first big abundance portal. Use your wisdom to foster your achievements and channel your assets toward personal growth!

Beloved one, embrace your Capricorn energy – It is time to work hard but play even harder!

Abundance & Love dates: 24-27/12, 30/12-1/1, 11-14/1  

Capricorn Beauty – Be bold and beautiful  

There is an exciting mix of earthy glow and vivid boldness in the air around Capricorns. The signature Capricorns hard-working strong business look can be softened up with earthy brown and bronze colors. Start out with a glowing base, add some shimmery bronzed dash, green eye shadow and eyeliner, deep plum bold lips rounded up by marked eyebrows which makes your face an exciting exclamation mark. You are now ready to conquer the world! 

Go for a natural base with Moisturizing Mineral Skin Tint SPF 30, earthy bronze tones with Bronzer Sommardröm, green eyeshadow with Eyeshadow Palette Vitsippa, and plum lips with Creme Lipstick Sylvia!

Capricorn Health – Stress Less and Good is Enough!  

Stress is the Capricorns seasons nemesis and biggest health issue. When it is very busy and stressful around you, remember to take time to breathe, stress down, rest, sleep and recover. Remember to lower your expectations and tell yourself time to time that GOOD IS ENOUGH, you are enough, your body is enough. Remember there is only one of you and you are precious!  

Monthly Self-care ritual

  1. Stand in front of a mirror. Look at yourself.
  2. Breathe deeply 3 times with closed eyes. Open then your eyes and send loving energy to yourself.
  3. Repeat your monthly mantras three times and let the mantra fill you up with good vibes!
  4. You are now ready to go and conquer the world!

Monthly Mantra:

"I am already a Winner. Good is enough”

Season Crystals:

Red Garnet (Birth Stone), Blue topaz (birth stone), Tigers eye (abundance, money, wealth) Smoky quartz (grounding and balancing), Onyx (protection negative energy) and Rainbow fluorite (balancing all chakras).

Capricorn Season Dos & Don’ts:

Do: Organize, plan goals, suite up, grow up, be disciplined, proceed with goals, life achievements, step up business-goals. Also lower your own expectations, stress less, try to step into someone else’s shoes

Don’t: Don’t take yourself too seriously! Don’t forget to have fun, play, not only work! Tap into your spiritual side as well, you are not only a goat, also half a spiritual and mystical fish!

Special Astro dates 21/12 – 19/1

  • 21/12 Sun enters Capricorn: It’s time to proceed with your life and business goals.
  • 26/12 Full moon (Cold Moon) in Cancer. Right on time for Boxing Day the full cold moon is a good time to fulfill your dreams and bring family and loved ones nearer. Can be emotional turbulence.
  • 30/12 Jupiter goes direct in Taurus. Welcome sensuality, flirt, and abundance! Look out for communications mixups due to last day of Mercury retrograde though!
  • 1/1 Mercury direct in Sagittarius! Optimistic energy flowing the first day of the Year!
  • 11/1 New Moon in Capricorn, the first new moon of the year appears on an abundance portal. Bringing up all that starts with new: New:beginnings, reNEWing yourself, new possibilities up to surface!

About Capricorn

Cardinal Earth Sign

Ruling planet: Saturn, called the strict sky father. Planet of responsibility, discipline, structure, right and wrongs and organization. 

Capricorn is a natural ruler of the 10th house of career and public standing. Governs professional aspirations, public image, and career achievements. 

Personality: Hard-working, goal-seeking, ambitious, disciplined, career-latter-climber, traditional, preservative, serving the collective.  

Colors: Warm earthy browns, deep plum and glowing bronze.  

Ruling Body parts: Knees, joints, and skeletal system.

Chakra: Root chakra. 

Celeb Capricorns: Kate Moss, Latto, Renee Rapp, Hunter Schaefer, Maggie Smith, Ice Spice, Ricky Martin, Zayn Malik, Dolly Parton, Timothée Chalamet, Bradley Cooper, Michelle Obama, Denzel Washington. 

Tarot card: The Devil. The Devil is all about change, transformations, new beginnings, and endings. It also represents your shadow side and negativity that holds you back from being the best version of yourself. Now is the opportunity to action for changes!

Tanja Dyredand, our new professional astrologer at IDUN Minerals, what’s your fav about Capricorn Season?

  • Every year Capricorn season comes with a goal-focused energy to suite up and start planning for 2024. The transformative energy also helps you to really manifest and follow through on New Year’s resolutions for real!

Any Astro date, you are looking forward to?

  • YES, New Year’s Eve is going to be EPIC as well as the new moon in Capricorn 11/1, opening up a Celestial portal for abundance. Wishing you all a lovely season and an amazing happy New Year!

By Tanja Dyredand ©

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